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Manufactured products are plastic belt benefit best suited Vietnamese goods required for the event title with passionate customers , application materials and machinery and modern technology combined with field surveys required belt event to customer solutions and consulting services packages belt .

Benefits pros Vietnam : Ensure belt requirements for customer shipments of high -strength , resilience , reduce costs and improve labor productivity .

Talent development , enhance quality of life of employees, optimize the interests of the owners , because the prosperity of the country .


2018 strive to become the top 5 suppliers of cargo straps products in Vietnam and 50 % of the products produced are exported to world markets . Become a provider of product shipments straps professional reputation and customer choice is strategic suppliers , sustainable cooperation .


The core values ​​provide long-term trust and have tremendous influence on every decision of all the members in the business. The system 's core values ​​are the driving force , the internal links nuclear company , companies associated with customers , partners and society in general .


Unity is the glue that brings together all the resources of human and material Panaximco flourishing , working towards common goals : building Panaximco become a flourishing company provide extra material for enterprise -class regional and international .


At Panaximco flourishing , passionate devotion to work has always been appreciated and is the most important factor for the implementation of the mission and goals of the company .


Always respect and continuation of traditional values ​​but also constantly innovate in flexible thinking and action to create sustainable value for business and the community . Creativity has always been shown in applying strategies , plans appropriate to each stage of company development .


Efficiency is a measure of the exact value of all manufacturing operations , business , investment and social activities of the Company .


Under roof Panaximco flourishing , the interests of each member of the collective as well as all previous responsibilities associated with all activities . The company always consensus , teamwork and hard shoulder responsibility , shared success for the development of enterprises , communities and the prosperity of the country

Production of plastic straps with Vietnamese interests advantages : The good strength, low elasticity , competitive prices , to meet the requirements of strapping machine straightness , uniformity , good weld adhesion .

Good service system : To ensure customer shipments belt always works well , apart from the plastic belt products , we also offer strapping machines and spare parts prestigious technical team trained to advise , repair , maintenance or automated system periodically at customer or company in our warranty station .


- Open work environment , employees unite to help each other to develop

- Code of Conduct : Only Yes , No No

+ ) If you agree : Yes , ...

+ ) Disagree : Yes , but I need ...

- The customer is always satisfied when using the products and services of flourishing Panaximco

- Successful partnership with suppliers , sharing business opportunities .

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