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Plastic Band


Investment Corporation PANAXIMCO flourishing specializes in manufacturing and exporting plastic straps transaction offices in Hanoi and HCM. With an area of ​​over 5000m2 factory with modern production lines.

Packing PP straps:





Paper Core




200 x 190




200 x 190




200 x 190




200 x190

Colors: Red , Yellow , Green , Blue , Black , White

In addition to rules on how we can produce according to the requirements of our customers order
Superior Quality : Our plastic belt quality than the same type

  • Good adhesion to plastic weld good .
  • Nice color hard time flying colors .
  • Bearing 1.5 times compared with the same size plastic straps .
  • In business name & logo on the plastic straps help build the brand.
  • Wire for straight and uniform semi-automatic strapping machine and fully automatic .

Reasonable prices : Getting to the " Clock efficiency package " so our plastic straps can always lower the price of the same type that effective land parcels not change .

The cost of each meter long belt is always cheaper than same size PP because we have the technology and the best manufacturing techniques .
Reduced depreciation expense strapping machine : Belt Our PP is made from pure plastic materials do wear little details strapping machine compared to other pp plastic straps .
Increase labor productivity 2x : PP strapping our straight and uniform belt for machine semi automatic & automatic contribute to labor productivity growth to 2 times packed with events Belt crude method Profile .
We advise you land parcels solution with the cheapest cost safety standard packing & handling international .
Reduce inventory costs for businesses : PP strapping our goods are always available to serve our customers peace of mind to help customers reduce inventory but not fear of affecting production

Good service system :

Delivery : Delivery is our desire to ensure the goods are handed over to the customer with the best quality and are listening to the customer's mind increasingly better service .
Flexible Payment Method : Customers can book in advance to ensure a stable source of raw material for the belt package ...
Make sure the belt is always the best packages : Provide strapping machine with technical team is always ready to advise and repair and replacement parts provide our customers best .
Serving everywhere : We strive to have the dealer network across three regions to best serve customers .

Application of PP straps :

PP straps widely applied in business due to the ease of use , increased productivity with lower costs :
Products bricks , adobe bricks
Ceramic Products
Wood Products
Products fibers
Products steel tube , steel preparations
Paper Products
Packing crates , pallets of goods
Fisheries, forestry and agricultural processing

The typical customer of us:

Ceramic Group , Hoa Phat Group and Panasonic , Samsung , Toto ....

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