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Our Customers

Our customers throughout the country and exported to other countries. In Vietnam there are two transaction offices to meet customer requirements such as Hanoi, Saigon. Refer customers purchase our reputation for customer satisfaction. See more details

Producing consistent quality strapping band

PP straps production according to export standards: Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Taiwan ... for machines and strapping tools suitable to the requirements of business land parcels See more details

Band accessories manufacturing shipments

Seal plastic, iron, plastic corners and plastic parts according to customer requirements. Clients come to us to be most fully meet the minimum requirements for cargo belts event brings satisfaction and convenience when purchasing a business of providing professional See more details


Steel straps

Steel belts are manufactured according to the standard technology of the Korean high cold rolling avoid stretchy, are handled through the process of absorption of oil and 2 high-grade powder coating layer anti-rust, long days with tension rigid high-strength levels. the type of steel belt land ded...

Strapping Machine

Products strapping machineSemi-Automatic Strapping Machine Automatic Strapping MachineMachine is fully automatic strapping Also on strapping machines are also portable strapping machine is widely used in ports, borders, airports by portable strapping machine can move easily superiority, can man...

Pet strapping

PET strapping is one of the effective application of new materials now used widely in many fields and is very popular in the packaging industry , strapping . PET belt has advantages compared with Vietnamese traditional steel belt , is produced according to advanced technology , the fully auto...

Strapping Tools

Products strapping toolsStrapping tools for PP straps Strapping tools used for PET strapsTools for strapping steel straps ...

Plastic Band

Investment Corporation PANAXIMCO flourishing specializes in manufacturing and exporting plastic straps transaction offices in Hanoi and HCM. With an area of ​​over 5000m2 factory with modern production lines. Packing PP straps:   Wide(mm) Thick(mm) Length(m) Paper Co...

Siết dây đai nhựa PET, cách tính giá dây đai, màng PE

Thứ hai, 19 Tháng 9 2016 09:37 hung
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Khóa nhựa dây đai các loại và siết dây đai nhựa PET, siết dây đai thép

- Dây PET sản xuất với độ bền cao, chắc chắn, thiết kế vừa vặn trọng quá trình đai kiện hàng hóa. Trong quá trình siết đai có sự hỗ trợ từ các dụng cụ đóng đai, máy đóng đai đảm bảo kiệm hàng đai an toàn.

Lần cập nhật cuối ( Thứ ba, 20 Tháng 9 2016 01:50 ) Đọc thêm...


Land parcels Advice

Business method you are using commodity Accessories belt yet? The method of data shipment of your business most optimal yet? Or contact us for advice shipment method was effective:+) The cost of land parcels best ensure the best welds Clinch, reduce tension adjustment request appropriate belt Access...

Supply of spare parts

Supply of spare parts for strapping machine types with competitive prices, good quality knife, heat-sealing strapping machine, set the blades, knives ep, results barrel straps, the system main board and board rooms Types belt.Replacement components are available daily, details please contact...

Repair strapping machine

Repair strapping machine, strapping tool properly repair your business does not have to worry because we have a professional technical team strapping machine repair your business best. For customers purchasing components capable of self-repair we will give you professional guidance easy to do.Please...


Hanoi capital:
04 6263 2929 0919 577 268
panaximco@gmail.com panaximco

HCM City:
08 6250 3467 0978 400 696
kinhdoanh.pana@gmail.com kinhdoanh.pana

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